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As a successful business executive and inventor with decades of experience, Christopher Guerrera knows how to help you through every step of the process, from start to finish. Known as the “Made in America Guy,” Christopher partners with American manufacturers to produce products here in the USA.

Whether you just want to discuss an idea you recently scribbled onto a napkin or hire a partner to help you transform your idea into a product and take it to market, Chris has decades of experiences to help guide you in the right direction. 

Invention Review 

Do you have an invention or product in the early stages of development but aren’t sure how to move forward? Christopher can help coach you through the process, from start to finish. As part of the coaching and mentoring process, Christopher will work with you to identify your goals and build a clear, actionable plan for moving ahead.

Patent Review & Licensing

As an inventor, there’s nothing better than coming up with a new, groundbreaking idea. No matter what direction you choose to take your idea, there’s one thing we know is certain – you need to protect it and get the proper patents and licensing. Christopher and his team can navigate you through this process.

Product Design

Chris can help you transform your idea into a winning product design through his lean product development and engineering process. Partnering with skilled technical designers and engineers, Chris will help you prepare your product for the molding process. 

Made in the USA Injection Tooling  

Chris helps turn winning product designs into final, groundbreaking products, doing everything from 3D modeling and injection molding. A Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Chris has mastered lean manufacturing and knows how to maximize customer value while minimizing waste. 

Product Launch/Branding & Marketing  

A product launch takes a strong focus and a great TEAM to make it a reality. Product launch involves various steps which involves understanding customer needs, product design, testing of the product, and marketing to ensure the product reaches its audience. A successful product launch provides a sales momentum for the company that can lead to new innovative products. The elements of a successful launch include:

– Develop the branding (logo, color palette, typography, and messaging) 
– Build a library of professional product photos and videos 
– Design attractive, branded packaging
Determine the target segment
– Create a unique slogan or timeline
– Identify potential competitors and define your customer personas
– Consult a PR/Marketing agency to engage the media and develop campaign
– Create a product sheet with a list of features and benefits
– Launch the company or product website
– Implement ad campaign to maximize reach 

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Chris is a natural born leader and highly skilled manufacturing professional. We worked together on a unique bakery project with a quick turnaround time. Even with this novel product, Chris’s innovative thinking enabled us to maximize output, reign in waste and manufacture the product in a highly efficient manner. Chris thinks deeply, teaches effectively, and creates strong, well-rounded teams. 
Tess Mahoney

Recipe Developer, Consultant, & Private Chef

Chris is a take charge individual and he is one of the best manufacturing managers that I have ever worked with my career. His extended background in six-sigma and lean techniques were instrumental in successfully implementing several programs in both Onvio and Moveras manufacturing operations, improving product throughput, leading to material and labor savings. 
Christina Jelev

Treasury and Internal Controls Manager , Stonyfield Farm, Inc.

Chris uses the "player-coach" model most effectively to energize his team. He firmly believes in people, product and process development to help grow the business. My lean journey/experience started with Chris's guidance and support, and I appreciate that he keeps things simple when he starts building a lean culture. I  definitely recommend Chris to any business that wants to make continuous improvement as one of their core values.
Madhukar Keer

Executive Management

I had the delightful experience of getting to work with Chris Guerrera recently. He's a man on a mission and his astounding career speaks for itself. He's risen through the ranks of companies and has been a top level efficiency expert for many others. His brain works fast and is able to combine out of the box thinking with structure and clarity. Chris has a world class brand and if you are seeking to bring a product to market then Chris will guide you, lead you and make you a success. 
Mary Gardener

CEO, Gardner Communications / Inspirational Speakers Academy

Chris is the consumate professional who has in-depth knowledge of world class manufacturing and more importantly know how to implement and sustain it. He has natural leadership skills that enable him to be a demanding manager and at the same time build solid relationships with employees at every level. I have found the opportunity to work with Chris priceless and will always value the relationship we have built working together. Chris gets my highest recommendation and it is a great opportunity to work with and learn from him.
Richard Roth

Owner, RSJ Auto LLC

In 2014 we met on the set of Good Morning America. He is as genuine, honest and caring as they come. He lives by integrity and is a man of his word. He's straight forward and will keep it real with you and not sugar coat anything. Many times that's what young entrepreneurs need. The cold honest truth. He absolutely LOVES making products in America helping entrepreneurs match offshore pricing and knows everything about new product development on the front and back end, and that’s rare. He’s the Made in America guy for a reason. He's an amazing leader, mentor, coach and family man. He treats everyone around him fair and equal. I'm very lucky to have him by my side as a mentor but most importantly as one of my closet friends.
Christopher Landano

Inventor Ambassador, United Inventors Association

Chris has entered the grass roots inventor space with a unique resume in commercial product development and generating profit for those he partners with. He is extremely knowledgeable in the manufacturing arena having managed several large production plants. His enthusiasm and drive are infectious, his work ethic laudable and professional ethics sound. I'm thrilled to consider him a friend.
Warren Tuttle

Open Innovation Director, President of the United Inventors Association

I had a great experience working with Chris on several projects including working together on the focus group for the MAKE48 entrepreneur TV program. Chris has an incredible manufacturing background including expertise in Lean 6 Sigma, he is very diligent, to the point, highly motivated, energetic, persistent, honest and always has his thinking hat on. We clicked right away and he was able to manage the project seamlessly and was an asset on the MAKE48 focus group. Chris is now my great manufacturing partner in America as well as a very good friend.
Nisha Sawhney

Founder at SnS Design + Coach My Idea, Christopher worked with Nisha in the same group

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