WCVB: Local mom, investor to tout potty training tool on ‘Shark Tank’

Like many parents, Judy Abrahams experienced trouble potty training her young daughter.

“Her biggest fear, like any other child going through potty training, is to fall in,” Abrahams said.

The experience was so frustrating that Abrahams quit her job as a paralegal to stay home and invent her own solution: creating the Super Potty Trainer in her own garage.

“It has silicone that prevents the movement. So you lift the toilet, you place the Super Potty Trainer in position on the toilet rim, you lift down and that’s it,” she said.

Her invention gave her daughter the adjustable back support she needed for successful potty training. Fast forward a few years late and Abrahams teamed up with local business partner Christopher Guerrera, who she met on social media.

“When I took this product to parents and to children, the kids themselves viewed this like a toy. Literally,” he said.

The success of the product now landing this duo on “Shark Tank.” They’re set to pitch the Super Potty Trainer on an episode airing next month.

“If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have made it onto ‘Shark Tank.’ So, I’m so happy,” Abrahams said.

“It was well-received. It’s very different than any other device in the market. It’s the right way from day one,” Guerrera said.

The Super Potty Trainer will be featured on “Shark Tank” on Friday, May 21 at 8 p.m. on WCVB.

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