Business mentor and inventor coach

Christopher Guerrera is an  accomplished business executive, inventor coach, and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt with decades of experience in manufacturing and bringing products to market.

AKA “The Made in America Guy”

Christopher Guerrera


Founder & CEO of PACE Systems
Inventor Coach, Business Mentor
Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Expert
Accomplished Business Executive
Manufacturing Expert, America, 2021 Board Member for United Inventors Association of America



Christopher Guerrera is an accomplished executive with over 33 years of experience serving as an International Business Leader in Automotive, Aerospace, Custom Engineered Products, Manufacturing, and Sales. Christopher is recognized as a dedicated business leader.

He was instrumental in the BMW start-up and success in the United States and was responsible for two plants with sales revenue over $170 million. The Greenville operation is a World Leader in Just-In-Time manufacturing.

Additionally, Christopher is listed on patents held by Ford as the Chief Design Engineer and was responsible for four plants with sales revenue of $180 million. Chris has served on the Executive Supplier Counsel for BMW, Ford and Toyota.

He’s enjoyed tremendous National Media exposure and was recently featured on Good Morning America. Christopher was a guest speaker at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, discussing Power Networking, and has been nominated as one of the top 25 Lean Manufacturing Experts in the world. His products sell alongside such household names as Scrub Daddy®, Squatty Potty®, and the Paint Brush Cover®, all products that achieved mass distribution.

Christopher has mastered the manufacturing process and produces all products in the USA. As a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt expert, he knows how to manufacture products and get them to market quickly, without wasted costs.   


Ford Motor Company 1/8 Turn Gas Cap

Issued Sep 24, 1992
US 8,432,544
Design/Utility Patent

Mr. Guerrera was an integral part of the 1/8 turn fuel system design and development for Ford Motor Company and is listed on the patent as the Chief Design Engineer. He was the Director of Engineering responsible for four plants with sales revenue of 180 million. He spent three years developing the on-board fuel vapor recovery system for the Ford Taurus vehicle that was first in its class to have such a sophisticated fuel system design that revolutionized the industry.


Christopher has decades of proven experience in the industry, as a business executive, leadership mentor, and inventor coach. 

Have a product or invention but don’t know where to start?

Chris helps turn ideas that are concepts into final products, doing everything from 3D modeling and injection molding to the design and execution of marketing campaigns.

And, he does all of his manufacturing with partners in the United States.

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